Welcome to the new Lived Learning: Alive and Well

Lived Learning: Alive and Well is a site dedicated to all of nature, facing the challenges of daily living in a toxic world where kindness, well-being and health seem almost unreachable.

My intention here is to bring hope and resources to all.

Some will be products to buy.

Some will be educational, based on my doctoral work in Transformative Learning and Change, my own challenges growing up in a traumatic household and then a toxic home and stories of others who have faced wellness challenges.

Some will be people and places for you to meet and use that will help you on your journey.

YOU are invited to comment and I am available for education and advocacy, as I have navigated for myself and others many many challenges. I offer great networking and research skills and will teach them to you. I am a resource for you.

I am an educator and a life-long learner. I am highly trained in many forms of research but prefer qualitative research, especially one based on peer to peer experiences and the sharing of outcomes.

I am also a degreed botanist so you will be reading of the miracles of herbs for health as well as natural cures that are non-invasive and truly healing.

You will learn the difference between genetics and epigenetics and how actually all living is epigenetic.



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What Might Clean Money Mean to Healthcare?

This is a brand new book by a man I am privileged to know a long time. 

Something you might easily ignore when thinking of health: MONEY. Well if you don't have it you are really screwed. I have had to be in poor people's clinics and I have been privileged to have good care. What we need is CLEAN MONEY so maybe all will get treated well.

Proud to see an old friend's brand new book on Clean Money is Amazon's number one new book. Must get asap. Joel has changed this planet in many ways; it's in his lineage


What is Qualitative Research? You Just Might Like It!

Aromatherapy for Beginners

Being a botanist, I have long used oils, mostly in my bathtub. Most recently, a genetic consultant who I really respect, Sterling Hill, recommended BERGAMOT oil for me as the National Institute of Health actually recommends it for the reduction of the excitatory neurotransmitter, glutamate, which causes anxiety which I have had tons of over the years. If you search you will find several NIH papers on Bergamot's wonderful properties. Here is one: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4345801/

I was just putting it in my tub with my magnesium Epsom salts and thought that was best. But for this last year, I have had severe shoulder pain and just yesterday was really getting a cold. A coach (Kim Saeed) recommended aromatherapy for self-care and yesterday my tiny little ten dollar diffuser arrived as well as FRANKINCENSE oil which I ordered as I had heard it was the Queen of Oils and indeed if you read up on its properties, you will be amazed. Most important, it is anti-inflammatory and I have lots of inflammation; many of us do and many believe it is the root of many, many illnesses. ( BTW I would say Dr. Josh Axe offers some of the best education on aromatherapy.) Here is a link to a great deal of information. Oils have medical uses and especially help with moods via neurotransmitters I learned. https://draxe.com/essential-oils-guide/l

So here is my own little starter kit. I choose by price and by recommendations of other buyers. I now use Frankincense, (my pain and my cold are much better), bergamot (reduces my anxiety) and lavender I bought locally for some soothing. BTW the diffuser I choose was only ten dollars! Next, I am looking into HYDROSOLS which are oils suspended in liquid for spraying. Do read up on them all before you use them. When I rub them on, I add them to coconut oil as they are not recommended to be directly applied. Some can be used internally but do study up.

Here is a link to old beloved post on the sensing of wine as a form of qualitative reasearh. I especaiily dedicate it to fine wine maker,Gary Pisonii of Pisoni Vineyards.

Sleep Non Toxic

Has it occurred to you that every night we sleep on GMO sheets and bedding? Here I am dreaming of some of the products I might choose, soon. All organic bedding. There is more I will post in the future but for now I hope this is of interest. Click on the crib sheet, especially to enter Amazon and look for more organic bedding for your wee precious ones.

CHOCOLATE toothpaste?!

I have been blessed to live in most places without fluoridated water for a long time. Fluoridation has long been controversial. I suggest you look up some of its effects long term. Here is a site completely devoted to anti-fluoride: http://fluoridealert.org/studies/acute03/

As anyone who has read About Me on this blog, you know that I have MTHFRc677t, which causes heart disease, cancer, and mental illnesses. And I have some bad tooth decay I am working on probably from fungi in my mouth. My dear old Monterey dentist, Constance Newton, who though not a biological dentist, suggested I try a chocolate toothpaste that uses a product, which I believe contains theobromine, from the cocoa bean instead of fluoride. This toothpaste is Theodent Luxury Toothpaste. I will let Dr. Mercola explain how it can help re-mineralize and help decay though if you google it you will find many pages touting theobromine over fluoride. From Mercola: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2013/11/19/chocolate-vs-fluoride-toothpaste.aspx

"Oil pulling" for remineralization and cleaning of teeth is an ancient method in which you melt coconut oil and swish it in your mouth for several minutes each morning. It works wonderfully but I find it hard to do first thing in the a.m.

Amazon carries many re-mineralizing products. I chose all non-GMO to share with you as even some of the major brands are now getting into the act.

Personally, after my chocolate toothpaste I use also MAF Active Toothpaste with coconut oil and zeolite. As I do not sell this and it is hard to get, please email me for information. As one world respected epigeneticist claims, McGAF will be our replacement for antibiotics. As I do not sell it, I will let you do some research. Here is Sterling Hill's current list: http://gcmafblogspot.weebly.com/blog/published-medical-journals

As for toothbrushes, I use a pretty wonderful Philips Sonicare Diamond Clean Sonic Electric Rechargeable Toothbrush.

Yes, it was expensive. It is excellent for travel.

MTHFR and the biotoxins that caused it have been very hard on my teeth but I am restoring a tooth I was told would need pulling. Fingers crossed.

I hope some of this helps any of you who want to stay away from the dentist as I do. All the strict diet and supplements I need to stay alive have really changed my life. Traditional medicine damaged me and almost put me in the ground. I am deeply grateful for all I have had to do and that I am still alive to share it with you.