Welcome to the new Lived Learning: Alive and Well. Lived Learning: Alive and Well is a site dedicated to all of nature, facing the challenges of daily living.

Lived Learning: Alive and Well is based largely on the experiences of Nancy Peden, in battling severe environmental illness and finding many miraculous aides, that this site will share with YOU and that you, as co-researchers may share with us. Comments and guest posts are welcomed.
I use the concepts of co-operative inquiry proposed by John Heron and with his collaborator, Peter Reason, co-creating the Participatory Paradigm theory and practices. More on them, the participatory paradigm and Doing Co-operative Inquiry, in future posts.
I feel that Heron's Cooperative Inquiry is especially well suited to what is actually occurring in what I call The Personal Wellness Revolution. We are reclaiming our health. We inquire individually and similarly, using many forms of science, including sacred science. We collaborate and we share our outcomes and we work within a transpersonal, electric, mysterious universe which these authors in the early days called the participatory paradigm.
Heron worked a lot in medicine. You may enjoy Heron's many papers here. Reason took the work into the business world at the University of Bath in the UK.
Doing co-operative inquiry all participants are considered peers. All are considered researchers and all are considered subjects. Thus, we do qualitative research into the human condition, together, compiling "data" that may or may not affect others. We co-learn.
  • Reality (ontology) is considered to be a great mystery, ultimately unfathomable on an absolute level.  Understanding (knowing) is active and held in more regard than concrete knowing, as knowing implies change may occur. We are always changing, always becoming.

  • Epistemology (how we know) is through our senses, feelings and thoughts.

  • The method is using the epistemology, that is, sensing, feeling, thinking and experiencing in the moment to express and especially to act with integrity.
Again our method is the act of learning, separately and together, and sharing outcomes for the benefit of all. In epigenetics, we say no to one size fits all, that we are each unique and individual. Participatory research would say we are each unique while embedded in a mysterious un-fathomable universe, always connected. How we treat it and ourselves literally matters.
Lived Learning: Alive and Well is a sacred form of co-operative research.
Together, we heal, in all areas, body, mind and spirit. By reviewing the offerings of this site YOU are a participant, a researcher and your feedback is welcomed.
YOUR participation is actively sought. I hope you will find many of wondrous resources to purchase here . YOUR support of this site will be of great service to me and intends to serve you and yours. Please comment, controvert (playing Devil's advocate is a part of validity process in CI), buy from here and if you can DONATE.  Welcome, bless you and may you be well.

The Mind Shop: Parasitic Fungi as Causative to Mutation and Illness.


This is going to be a sort of seat of the pants highly subjective review/recommendation as I want to get the info out to you regarding what I believe is Jane Lim's revolutionary thesis that parasitic fungi cause mutations. Between GMOs, processed foods called biotoxins and houses full of untestable mold species, we are all becoming mutants. It is not our genes, it is the environment so I hope I am correct in saying all genetic counselors are actually epigeneticists.

You may not care about this at all until you get a serious disease like ovarian cancer I got, which Jane claims this could have been prevented if the fungal infection had been caught. You may call it coincidental, but I got cancer 3 years after moving into an 1895 house due to a zealous husband seeing it as a fixer upper. As a summa cum laude horticulturist, I laid on the bed and wept when I smelled the mold. But being an obedient wife, I denied my body and talked myself into the idea I could handle it with herbs. But I intuitively knew it was not healthy.

Years later an asthmatic came in and had to immediately leave and when I had to self-evict, many of my very precious objects were refused by a very sensitive Nepalese antique dealer because he smelled the mold too. BTW when you enter his shop you wipe your shoes not once, but twice. 

Via a geneticist, mold testing was recommended as my body was clean she said. The slumlords arrogantly returned with a negative mold finding, when I cited them via the city BEFORE I knew Jane. They refused me all results. But I queried the tester and I got him to admit that there were "particles" in the air. I also got monoxide poisoning (another biotoxin) at this time from a stove I did not use. Again they denied all responsibility for this biotoxin that is very difficult for an MTHFR patient to detox.

Then as I began studying redox and the importance of electrons in our bodies, I came upon Jane's work and immediately found out that "mold" testing is impossible as there are too many species.

My body knew also as Jane teaches that I needed sunlight. I sit to this day as often as I can outside. But when I became so badly environmentally ill, I would sit outside in the sunlight and my overabundant glutamate, an excitatory neurotransmitter, would rise, and I would get very anxious. Psych, who I went to because he uses food as medicine, nor geneticist could find no help for this. In the worst days of landlord harassment, desperately, I began drinking some vodka which Jane teaches jus multiplies and feeds the fungi that had taken, literally, the light from my cells. (I have found a pretty good answer from Sterling Hill, of mthfrsupport.com, which works wonderfully: lysine plus p5p, aka b6). 

I just recently retested this theory of photons of light on my body by sunbathing. And yup, glutamate worse. I took my electrolytes (alkalinizing and electron donors) with my lysine and p5p and was able to come down.

Reading Jane I also realized that her other claims were probably true.

One is regarding Penicillium fungus. As a doctor's daughter and a good girl, I was often injected with penicillin at the slightest sniffle. Long ago someone said I would always have yellow teeth and chronic candida. So again, Jane Lim's work is validated.

When I got cancer years later, I also experienced something Jane teaches. I was immediately put on a mixture of antidepressants and was self-helping with GMO vitamins, a mixture Jane predicts only enhances fungi and further mutations. I got very mentally ill; the more antidepressants and antipsychotics the poor people's clinic put me on, the sicker I got. I got suicidal, I got tardive dyskinesia that has made speaking difficult. My overworked psych knew nothing of this it was my research that found it. I also got a rash that can lead to Stephen Johnson's disease and kill you from Saphris and Effexor. 

As I said, I got very mentally ill; the more antidepressants and antipsychotics the poor people's clinic put me on, the sicker I got. I got suicidal, I got and still have the tardive dyskinesia. As I said, my overworked psych knew nothing of this it was my own research that found it. My food based new psych put me on branched chained amino acids which are recommended for it by the NIH, his gold standard. But bcaas are expensive and require multiple daily doses so I live with the impairment. I literally thank God and a friend who encouraged me to get off these things AND mostly, Obamacare. 

Enrolled pre-January 1, I immediately got myself to a new psych. When the staff said, he treats via nutrition, I said, sign me up. By session 3, I tested positive for MTHFR c677t and neurotransmitter mutations; a very bad diagnosis.

As in all traditional medicine, he only treated the psych basics, mostly inositol for anxiety and branched chain amino acids (again, approved by NIH)  for tardive dyskinesia

Via God's will and my own desperate need to understand, I learned I had to have all my chromosomes tested. As I had inherited a small amount of money, I was able to do this as well as hire a genetic nutritionist who really helped me. I lost a ton of weight, felt great and people who met me, noticed how well I was doing.

Bu then the monoxide, the vicious landlords abuse, and the stress of nonpaying ex-spouse, the good Lord sent me my redox and electron experts, including especially now, Jane Lim. I am now slowly re-healing. 

Jane's book will teach you that sunlight, a clean living space and an alkaline diet will heal. I am slowly doing what I can but as I am still living and eating in a space I do not control, the work is slow.

Jane's book will teach you that sunlight, a clean living space and an alkaline diet will heal. I am slowly doing what I can but as I am still living and eating in a space I do not control the work is slow. Non- GMO produce nearly unobtainable.

So I implore you, to read The Silent War Within: Biochemistry & Legal Research on Parasitic Fungi (The Most Common, The Most Deadly) (Volume 1) and consider what is presented before you go through what I have suffered. Jane is very accessible through Face Book, even has a book club you may be invited to join, where we are collectively testing and collecting data, just as in the co-operative inquiry I have recommended. And you can contact her on her own site, http://www.themostcommonthemostdeadly.com/

 Jane teaches you all this; how to have labs done correctly and much, much more. I would also like to see some peer review as Jane is brilliant but eclectic by western academic standards. Jane is considering presenting to doctors. I hope she does. And though she may seem non-main-stream, I feel she needs to be taken seriously.

Actually, this is all so obvious: we need to eat and live cleanly with photons via sunlight to be healthy. Hopefully, the time is approaching and Jane Lim is definitely ahead of the curve. Don't miss a succinct way to help you, your family and the planet.



The Body Shop: Magnesium Threonate and More

Magnesium. I take a lot of Magnesium(s) and feel an overview of it is important. Here are some Wikipedia tidbits I have parsed:

  1. While magnesium is used in many fields here I speak of biology.
  2. While magnesium is abundant in food, cooking destroys it.
  3. "Mg2+ is the fourth-most-abundant Mg2+ is the fourth-most-abundant metal ion in cells (per moles) and the most abundant free divalent cation — as a result, it is deeply and intrinsically woven into cellular metabolism. Indeed, Mg2+-dependent enzymes appear in virtually every metabolic pathway in cells (emphasis ,ed.)  Indeed, Mg2+-dependent enzymes appear in virtually every metabolic pathway) .... as a result, it is deeply and intrinsically woven into cellular metabolism. Indeed, Mg2+-dependent enzymes appear in virtually every metabolic pathway." 
  4. "ATP (adenosine triphosphate), the main source of energy in cells, must be bound to a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active. What is called ATP is often actually Mg-ATP.(ATP) (adenosine triphosphate), the main source of energy in cells, must be bound to a magnesium ion in order to be biologically active. What is called ATP is often actually Mg-ATP." (i.e. we need adequate mg. to make ENERGY. (ed.)

Dr. Carolyn Dean, the author of the Magnesium Miracle, makes at least 22 points about the value of magnesium supplementation. I will let you go to her site to read them or you can buy her book here. Or to her site. That page is http://drcarolyndean.com/magnesium_miracle/

At one time I was prescribed magnesium malate, which works with the Krebs cycle to promote ATP/energy. While I don't remember the brand, Designs for Health, I believe is a good non-GMO brand if you want to try it. But take it during the day as it may make you wakeful. You can read about its benefits here at Live Strong, a site I like: http://www.livestrong.com/article/280804-what-are-the-benefits-of-magnesium-malate/

Now I take two different forms of magnesium. One is quite wonderous, magnesium threonate (not all are non-GMO) but as it is a mineral, I would be looking at the brand and any additives/excipients included. My favorite brand is from Relentless Improvement magnesium threonate as they tend to have very clean products but they are expensive and their dose is hi. 144 mg. x 4 per night is what I take.

Here is why you may want to try it at bed time. According to Dr. David Perlmutter: " We do know that when synapses, the connections that allow one nerve cell to communicate with the next, are diminished, memory impairment ensues. And indeed, it is thought that this loss of synapses is an explanation for what is called “age dependent memory decline.” - See more at http://www.drperlmutter.com/magnesium-threonate-powers-brain/

For me, and why it was prescribed, it quiets my active mind.

Today, simply due to cost, I use Mag Mind as it is a little less expensive but I stay at Relentless Improvement's dosage of 144 mg. X 4. And I have also used Life Extension Neuro-Mag. I shop by price and purity. There are others you may want to try and many of them recommend 2 x 2 during the day for stress.

The second magnesium I am now taking on the recommendation of a genetic consultant who feels, due to my high former use of glycine and pesticide exposure, that I may develop kidney stones from high oxalates. (No spinach for me!) The brand she put me on is Dr. Dzugan's Magnesium Citrate as it is non-GMO. Magnesium citrate can cause diarrhea. Fortunately the dose is one per day. Only that classic, Calms Magnesium Citrate, gave me diarrhea because I took high doses at night for sleep. Why they recommend it for sleep is beyond my understanding. Dr. Chris Kresser, who I really like, recommends it and mag malate for the prevention of kidney stones: http://chriskresser.com/how-to-prevent-kidney-stones-naturally/

This should be enough on magnesium to overwhelm anyone. I would highly recommend again Dr. Carolyn Dean's Magnesium Miracle as a good primer. And sign up for her newsletter; it may save your life if she is right about some claims and if you dispute me, please do; comments are open. Dispute and question. That is how we learn. I invite anyone to do so as I want to learn, always.

Lastly, I will soon speak on glycine and the GMO connection as research is showing that glyphosate replaces glycine in the cells. I may be lucky to be alive but more on this in another post. For now: do NOT take any supplement with glycine in it, and some very popular and famous ones contain it AND eat organic if you can. More on this soon. 

Body Shop: Forms of Vitamin C

We all use vitamin c a lot and yet some like Cynthia Smith and Sterling Hill Erdei, warn, especially when worried about hi oxalates, which form kidney stones, that we must not use ascorbic acid. So here are some lovely forms of vitamin c they recommend. I am just now trying Camu Camu during pine tree blooming season and it seems to help this reaction.

Here are some of the other forms they recommend:

 Rose Petal Tea, which I have not tried but sounds lovely!

Elderbery tincture, and old and long used remedy.

Pure Radiance C 4oz Powder is one I found and liked a lot.


About Me

How Lived Learning: Alive and Well Can Serve Us All

Nancy07cropped (1)


I have created this site/blog as a means of support as I was viciously and fortunately made to self-evict from a parasitic mold home of 12 years in Monterey, CA, which all my knowledgeable friends pushed me to do. I am now in a sanctuary with beloved friends.

Because of years of traumatic abuse and living in a mold infested house, I now have severe MTHFR 677 and other environmental diseases. I am deeply thankful Obamacare allowed me to find a psychiatrist who uses food as treatment. I was ready to go the minute Obamacare came on and within 3 sessions he had me tested for MTHFR. 677 is one of the most severe forms; it causes heart disease, cancer, and mental illness. As I have many other environmental mutations, I, being a researcher, learned much more, hired a good naturopathic doctor and I hired a good genetic-based nutritionist. I lost tons of weight and felt great. Remember, I had moved into the moldy house in 2004; by 2007, I had ovarian cancer though I tested negative for BRCA 1 and 2 the test for breast and ovarian cancer and due to Jane Lim's work, I now suspect why. The tests were done wrong!

Beyond cancer, my biggest challenge has been PTSD and bipolarity. My father was a doctor, an old world general practitioner, which we call today primary care or family practitioner. By day he was a beloved doc; by night, he beat mom and us children bloody. Many therapists have asked me if my dad was bipolar. Now, as I have learned via environmental disease, epigenetics, and know  via simple Mendelian genetics, I am homozygous, that he had some amount of MTHFR.

Though a traditional psychiatrist tested me for MTHFR, it was my passion for research, built out of 26 hours of a Ph.D. in Transformative Learning and Change (ciis.edu) where I took five courses in various forms of research, including transpersonal, that helped me really get better. I also have 2 years training in somatic therapy done in Boulder CO.

I have a b.s. summa cum laude in Agriculture and Horticulture from the University of Vermont and Stephen F. Austin in TX and so consider me a botanist. My M.A. is from ciis.edu is also in Transformative Learning and Change. I have taught at the undergrad college level an overview of liberal studies that included technology, using an online conferencing system where students I cued students to read each other and comment with compassion. This also developed an "ear" for good writing. We studied film. art, literature and an overview of science. Students many nonnative, declared me one of the best multicultural teachers they had had. We read Spanish and Islamic poetry and others they had no idea existed.  They especially enjoyed learning about "peer review." As they were adults and it was evening, I provide foods to snack on. We listened to many kinds of music

Back to my MTHFR research. When you get tested for MTHFR in traditional medicine, the first thing you find out is that whatever field that traditional medicine tests you in is how they see the disease. Oncologists, like mine, only consider the cancer part of the disease, psychiatrist only the mental and heart would stick me with cardiologists. 

It is essential to understand that this is a complex disease needs to be treated holistically and that STRESS, is the number one cause. Parasitic fungi may be the second. They go hand in hand.

Only naturopaths treat the whole system. If you get a diagnosis such as this or have a complex, hard to treat disease like Lyme's or chronic fatigue, I strongly recommend you get a holistic practitioner on your team. Medicare, be aware, and most insurance will only pay for traditional med docs so be ready to shell a lot out of pocket and KNOW THAT YOU MUST BECOME YOUR OWN ADVOCATE AND RESEARCHER.

In environmental disease (aka epigenetics), we teach doctors. I believe their toxic authoritarianism needs to be challenged greatly. And we have the resources to help them learn. Look for doctors who will LISTEN.

Even the NIH is recommending herbs over pharmaceuticals.

As I dove into my own case and followed holistic programs, that included getting amalgams removed (mercury fillings are toxic) I began to lose weight and feel great. People noticed how much I had changed. A dear friend took her overmedicated teen to my psych, now has him on hi dose vitamin D and may have saved him from schizophrenia.

I am a living testimony/evidence: THIS STUFF WORKS.  I am formally and informally trained in research, holistic health, somatic therapies ( Boulder CO) and I am a heck of a networker. I think God made me a detective. Or he sent me to finish what my dad should have done. He was a graduate of Hahnemann Hospital, just after it STOPPED being our only college of homeopathy, another medicine based on nature, and become a reductionist allopathic physician. So perhaps I get some of my passion from him and I am grateful. Phone consultations are $50 for one hour; 25 thereafter. I will not treat you but I will COACH you to be your own best advocate and researcher. I am often awed when folks report the help they have received.



This is an Amazon Affiliate site so if you enter Amazon via this site and buy any of the products on Amazon that you click on here, I will earn a commission. 

Thank you for your support and care and for helping us all be Alive and Well!

Spirit Shop: The Great Unknowing

Denise Levertov is a favorite of mine in remembering my great love of kindness and humanity. Here is a favorite from The Great UnknowingHuman dignity: not rare at all.

image from s3.freefoto.com

Once I understood (till I forget, at least)
the immediacy of new life, Vita Nova,
redemption not stuck in linear delays,
I perceived also (for now) the source
of unconscious light in faces
I believe are holy, not quite transparent,
more like the half-opaque whiteness
of Japanese screens or lampshades,
grass or petals imbedded in that paper-thin 
substance which is not paper as this is paper,
and which permits the passage of what is luminous
though forms remain unseen behind its protection.
I perceive that in such faces, through
the translucence we see, the light we intuit
is of the already resurrected, each
a Lazarus, but a Lazarus (man or woman)
without memory of tomb or of any
swaddling bands except perhaps
the comforting ones of their first
infant house, the warm receiving blanket...
They know of themselves nothing different
from anyone else. This great unknowing
is part of their holiness. They are always trying
to share out joy as if it were cake or water,
something ordinary, not rare at all.