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Welcome to the new Lived Learning: Alive and Well

Lived Learning: Alive and Well is a site dedicated to all of nature, facing the challenges of daily living in a toxic world where kindness, well-being and health seem almost unreachable.

My intention here is to bring hope and resources to all.

Some will be products to buy.

Some will be educational, based on my doctoral work in Transformative Learning and Change, my own challenges growing up in a traumatic household and then a toxic home and stories of others who have faced wellness challenges.

Some will be people and places for you to meet and use that will help you on your journey.

YOU are invited to comment and I am available for education and advocacy, as I have navigated for myself and others many many challenges. I offer great networking and research skills and will teach them to you. I am a resource for you.

I am an educator and a life-long learner. I am highly trained in many forms of research but prefer qualitative research, especially one based on peer to peer experiences and the sharing of outcomes.

I am also a degreed botanist so you will be reading of the miracles of herbs for health as well as natural cures that are non-invasive and truly healing.

You will learn the difference between genetics and epigenetics and how actually all living is epigenetic.



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