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This page is intended as a source of inspiration for those who would inquire and collaborate in order to change the world and the balance of power through peer to peer collaboration.

Institutions, formal and informal, can be a place of oppression and injustice if they are not kept alive and changing by those involved. Scroll down to get to know groups working at co creating communities that are open and effective.

TEN THOUSAND VILLAGESTen Thousand Villages Logo

Capitalism and consumerism have sped up decay and dissolution of our lives and our planet. One way of rebalancing some of the injustices created by these "isms" is to support fair trade. Ten Thousand Villages practices fair trade and can be an excellent model for us all. If each one of us understood more about trade, about our impact through our consumer choices, what kind of impact might we make on the quality of life for all?


NCDD is a Coalition of organizations and individuals who are committed to strengthening and uniting the growing dialogue and deliberation community. With hundreds of pages of resources, their website serves as a hub for practitioners, activists and scholars of these transformational communication processes.


...a web presence developed and ever developing through the persona and journalistic skills of Eric Francis. Eric, using the field of astrology, has created an online community of artists, philosophers and lovers of life. It may look like an astrology site but it is really an experiment in global online community with heart, soul and consciousness. Eric would be the first one to tell each of us to get away from our computer and get out and fall in love with each other and our community. Be sure to consider subscribing to his work. If you are concerned about the world and about how to live meaningfully, being a part of Planetwaves can be of unique value.


In England.... a not-for-profit organisation based in the beautiful village of Boston Spa, near Wetherby.

... An educational establishment focusing on human relations; peer learning and development are at the very heart of the work.

The new website gives you a taste of the services Oasis can provide and we invite you to look beyond this home page, where you'll find a wealth of experience to tap into. We're well known and respected in our field and our clients include individuals - coming on our public programmes or who seek coaching, mentoring or supervision - small companies and blue chip organisations, the voluntary & community sector and government agencies.

The Oasis School is setting the pace and validating the power of collaboration for building ethics in business, community relations and world citizenry by being involved with Whole Person Learning, the UN Global Compact/EFMD for Globally Responsible Leadership Initiative, and the World's Child Prize.

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