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What Might Clean Money Mean to Healthcare?

This is a brand new book by a man I am privileged to know a long time. 

Something you might easily ignore when thinking of health: MONEY. Well if you don't have it you are really screwed. I have had to be in poor people's clinics and I have been privileged to have good care. What we need is CLEAN MONEY so maybe all will get treated well.

Proud to see an old friend's brand new book on Clean Money is Amazon's number one new book. Must get asap. Joel has changed this planet in many ways; it's in his lineage


What is Qualitative Research? You Just Might Like It!

Getting Super Better Playing Super Better: Jane McGonigal, Quester Extrodinaire

 When I returned to college at 50, much of it online, I began reading and researching web pioneers as I was using conferencing and learning to build websites.

One of the names I kept hearing about was Jane McGonigal. But she was a gamer, something I was definitely NOT interested in. So I let her slip by.

When I was first diagnosed with MTHFRc677t and became legally disabled, I began reading everything I could on all the difficulties of a severe disease. I found that stress plays a major role. I believe I caught Jane doing a TED talk during that time so I bought and read and played as best I could, Super Better.

Her book, a delight, was probably her dissertation. It is done in the style I prefer and many of the doctors I review here cannot or will not afford. The book is full of citations for all her claims that gaming develops strengths and resiliencies especially when we have allies helping us in our quest. And unlike many of these professionals, her book has a great index, so you can look up any part at any time. I now see she wrote an earlier book: Reality Is Broken: Why Games Make Us Better and How They Can Change the World

While I hesitate to recommend her to some of the dear folks I know, who are very very ill, I do. We all need allies; we all can be amazingly resilient and we all have undiscovered strengths. The main tenet of this blog is that TOGETHER, WE HEAL. Treating illness is not for sissies btw. If you watch almost any of Jane's TED's talks, you will hear how she created Super Better after a very serious illness.

You would think a book on gaming is all about sitting alone in your room playing computer games but the way Jane recommends is just the opposite. She places gangs of kids, actually huge gangs, I think they have done thousands, together in a room playing together. What researchers found was that empathy and social skills INCREASED. This is all well researched and documented. Players learned to help each other even while competing.

And games, quests, like how Jane worked with her own illness, do not need to be computer driven. Jane claims having a gaming attitude towards life can add ten years to your life. So no matter what the challenge is, I suggest you check Jane McGonigal out. Read her and watch her videos. I have had a hard time getting one to upload for you to enjoy. So I will suggest you search her on TED and go to her own site here. Enjoy a new attitude that just may change your life.

I have also attached a good smattering of TED talks below here as none would post on this page. You will find Jane's talk near the end. Enjoy this brilliant woman! Game on, Ally!


Mind Shop: Go Prime!

Purchase Amazon Prime !

The first recommendation, as this is primarily an Amazon Affiliate site, is to get an Amazon Prime Account.

The are five benefits that I know of to having one that I will not go into now as you can easily find them below or on Amazon. And in the local paper, they say 2 changes are in the air at Amazon:

  1. you will be able to stream videos for a dollar less than Netflix.
  2. you will be able to pay monthly

It may seem expensive but to run out of a unique and needed product and be able to get it in two days is simply a wonder.

I have even gotten things on Sundays.

I also use Prime Video and me, I have a small add on that gets me Acorn TV which is British and Australian tv and I like so much better than the violence of US TV. While the selection is limited it is much better presented than Acorn itself, which I also tried.

And I can get HBO series I have long wanted. These two features alone are of great value to me. Just to view Martin Clunes as a brilliant lover of nature rather than the silly Doc Martin, is worth it.

Here a few books that can help you get the most of your Prime Membership:


The 2016 Essential Amazon Prime Guide

Amazon Tap