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"The quality of engagement determines the quality of the outcome."

Nancy Peden and Lived Learning offer services to develop communication skills, and support individual and community learning, calling on the reality of the current environmental and social challenges, using collaborative methods that are we believe are more ethical and integrated, respecting individuals, communities and the planet.

    Offerings include:

    Accessible, easy to use and economically reasonable publishing, web site development, and web presence development using many Web 2.0 tools for ease of use and value.

    Creative development of learning tools that respect "different ways of knowing" including production of newsletters and training manuals.

    Revitalization of professional practices. For any profession, we offer practices and cognitive education to help promote creative shifts effecting outcomes for professionals and their clients.

    Identification of individual and group learning styles; recommendations of best methods for effective learning and cooperation.

    Personal Networking and training strategies; online conferencing and management using theories of peer to peer and transformative learning.

    Coaching and practice of dialogue and inquiry methods using action research and somatic inquiry.

    Tutoring in most areas based on developing critical thinking, study skills, support and practice of personal learning needs. I am often told I “teach difficult things well.”

    Sample projects:

    Art as a Way of Knowing: As a long time member of Cooperative Inquiry International Nancy's veiws were quoted in Learning for Tomorrow: Whole Person Learning for the Planetary Citizen by Bryce Taylor of Oasis School of Human Relations. Visit their site to order a copy:

    Web and program consulting, RisingLeaf Watershed Arts ( )

    Updates for Monterey Rape Crisis Center (

    Business Web Log setup: The Albion Millworks, Carmel, CA (

    For Monterey Community of Caring: Dare to Care Web Site
    ( with Dare to Care Web Log ( and an update of site for Teens (

    Blog and teaching for a inter-discipline class in Liberal Students for Adult Ed Completion: (

    Participation and coordination: Salon Participation and Presentations, with Friendly Favors, an international web network doing good work for the benefit of the greater good (now aka The Living Directory).

    Online Co facilitator Crit. History of Social Sciences, CIIS, San Francisco, CA Co-facilitation (i.e., teaching) of a semester-long online graduate course in the practice of ethical and effective social science.

    Design and Presentation of Heaven is Earth; a one day workshop introducing concepts of eco- psychology; development of program for youth: Who’s in Charge of my Life?

This site is an internet place that intends to honor and appreciate difference and the power of diversity and inclusion towards solving problems creatively; a place to learn and to celebrate the phenomena of connecting, via the internet: the virtual in service to the real.

We celebrate the individual and the greater whole in relationship. We see the world as sacred and objectify "it" as separate only to serve a greater sense of wellness for all.


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