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The Spirit Shop: Possibly THE best Antidepressant

Dear Readers, this will be brief and simple. It is, as Buber writes, the cure to depression. This is a very old classic book that changed my life.and another whose author I knew personally, that supports the idea that all relationships are sacred.  

In I and Thou spiritualist Martin Buber, who I think may have regretted becoming a Zionist, but needed to get to Israel, needed a homeland. Here I link to the translation I owned. There is a newer one that may be a bit better translation and is only a kindle and very inexpensive.

When we OBJECTIFY any part of nature, we separate ourself and we suffer from profound loss of an essentially human and, I imagine, animal, need to feel connected. When we subjectively interact deeply, authentically, when we feel especially respect and care for any other, we feel a connection, and we are uplifted. You can do this alone with any part of nature, even your own heart or in the presence of loving others.

A teacher once said to me, the most subjective is the most objective. Think about that. When we allow ourselves to really feel as deeply as we can, subjectively all our feelings from grief to joy, purely, we are actually enacting our mutual objective humanity. Grief becomes simply grief, hate is recognized for what it is. We are, objects embedded in a divine field of the world. IF you can do this, really feel these feelings, you will see and feel them transform. This is a basic tenet of transpersonal phenomenology. 

When one phenomenon exists, its opposite also exists. Buddhists teach this as co-arising. Feel deeply and you may find this paradox for yourself. You may find that grief, that you really allow fully, turns to compassion or even joy and that hatred becomes appreciation. But this must be done deeply to really work. There are practices to do to accomplish this; forgive me that I do not have them at hand. 

A book that supports this beautifully is  David Abram's The Spell of the Sensuous: Perception and Language in a More-Than-Human World. When I was in a workshop with David and another member was speaking rather disconnectedly and to my senses, crazily, I asked David how we should speak. He said simply speak as if each word were sacred. All of life, in my vie of life, is a sacred reality, spoken. And these are not just "cheer up" words, these include words that contact grief, and rage and even hatred but know what you say literally creates matter (there is evidence to support this idea).

When I learned of my rather dire environmental illnesses, which I then called genetic illness, I was amazed that all the epigeneticists I came in contact with prayed. Think about it. If biotoxins can harm us, sacredness can heal us; we know this in each cell. Again there I evidence that this occurs. We all know of miracle now I try to return to these practices even as I am in a terrible personal time of trial and have my own burden of hatred towards many who I believe and have hurt me. Just connecting with a friend and speaking of these things together, helped me re-member myself. I am blessed to be housed by a loving family. They are not like me but I feel profound gratitude even as I feel deep grief for my losses and the losses of so many others.

May your day be blessed.

Spirit Shop: The Great Unknowing

Denise Levertov is a favorite of mine in remembering my great love of kindness and humanity. Here is a favorite from The Great UnknowingHuman dignity: not rare at all.

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Once I understood (till I forget, at least)
the immediacy of new life, Vita Nova,
redemption not stuck in linear delays,
I perceived also (for now) the source
of unconscious light in faces
I believe are holy, not quite transparent,
more like the half-opaque whiteness
of Japanese screens or lampshades,
grass or petals imbedded in that paper-thin 
substance which is not paper as this is paper,
and which permits the passage of what is luminous
though forms remain unseen behind its protection.
I perceive that in such faces, through
the translucence we see, the light we intuit
is of the already resurrected, each
a Lazarus, but a Lazarus (man or woman)
without memory of tomb or of any
swaddling bands except perhaps
the comforting ones of their first
infant house, the warm receiving blanket...
They know of themselves nothing different
from anyone else. This great unknowing
is part of their holiness. They are always trying
to share out joy as if it were cake or water,
something ordinary, not rare at all.